Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Beginning

This adventure all started very simply. I was visiting a friend whose Baby was teething and annoyed. I told my friend she needed Sophie The Giraffe. My friend looked at me puzzled as she had never heard of that Giraffe. I told her not to worry, I would bring her one. I was sure I could find it in Israel!

To my surprise I did not, so I asked a friend of mine in France to send me one. No sooner said than done, Sophie was in the hands of my friend's baby.

Then I thought how strange I cannot find it in Israel. Surely it is somewhere?

I contacted Vulli that confirmed that there was no Sophie The Giraffe in Israel and after a few exchanges, I was offered the opportunity to bring it here. I accepted happily aware that it was going to be a huge challenge for me and a lot of learning in the process.

And now 8 months later ( one more month and it would have been a delivery!) I am extremely happy to report that Sophie and other toys are now available in Israel...well at least as soon as the customs clear them.

You are welcome to meet them on our (Hebrew only at the moment)website :

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