Thursday, December 24, 2009

The first batch of Giraffes (and more) made it through Customs!

And another Victory for the Sophies! ^__^

This morning it was time to go face the Customs, keep our cool and do everything to free the Giraffes.

After 2 hours and an half, 4 back-and-forth meetings with the Gaash officer and others Customs workers whose signatures and approvals were needed, more paperwork and more proof of who we were and of course more money paid that we ever imagined...we left the Customs with a big cardboard box that barely fit in the car.

And off to the SII.
The Law says that after each arrival of goods, we have to meet a SII officer. Her job is to make sure we are not cheating and that we put the stickers required by law on each toy. Since we went there straight from the Customs, we did not have the time to put any sticker on the boxes but we had the stickers with us. We opened our precious package, took one toy of each category to check along with the relevant sticker. We passed!

The sticker should state a couple of things such as: the name of the product, the age it is intended for, the country of origin, the name of the manufacturer, the name of the importer, and warning information.

That sticker must be on every box of Vulli's Sophies in Israel.

Most of our imports are and will be "Sophie The Giraffe"...but we did bring some others too. Let me show you some of them. Aren't they cute? ^__^ 

The 3 cuties in the middle are cousins of Sophie La girafe.
They are also 100% natural, Phthalates and BPA free.

They are called: Chan, Pie, Gnon.

Do not hesitate to contact me here, by email or get in touch through the website , should you have any question. I will be very happy to answer you. ^__^


Thanks HokusPocusChick for the abstract!

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