Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not one wrinkle on her cute face!

Of course I am talking about Sofi Hagirafa. ^__^

Born in 1961, I was wondering if we could consider her "Vintage"? I looked up the definition (with refers mostly to Wine) and found the following : a "vintage" toy is defined as a toy or game about 20 years or older which is valued as memorabilia or for historical value rather than for its "play value."

Agewise there is no question about it: Sophie is Vintage. And while she can qualify for the second element (being kept as memorabilia) she is so "in" that she cannot be Vintage!
She has that retro look, with soft looking eyes, candid smile and rosy cheeks that everyone today still loves. 
I do not have any picture of me baby with Sophie la girafe, but if I had, it would look like that in 1969!


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