Monday, February 22, 2010

Everybody loves Giraffes! Everybody Loves Sophie!

Yep! It seems that giraffe is one of the most loved and preferred animals among kids. Giraffes inspired many plush animals, puppets, books based on Giraffes , origami and even Math book and not forgetting of course Monsieur Rampeau's famous Sophie The Giraffe ^__^

Elijah ,a freelance writer and art critic, wrote the following on the subject : " Giraffes are "complicated" animals: they are massive and intimidating below the neck but elegant and delicate above.
This duality makes them perfect children's pets.
On the one hand children feel safe and protected near a giraffe because of its size, weight and power (according to zoologists, the animal's kick can kill a lion). On the other hand, kids want to protect it because their heads are so small and vulnerable. Befriending a giraffe, either a painted or a plushy one, is a rich and rewarding emotional experience that teaches the kids a thing or two about love. The coloring adds a protective feature that confuses the imperfect vision of such carnivores as lions and gives giraffes another advantage. More importantly for children, the coloring makes the animals appear cute and visually appealing. No pattern ever repeats itself, and each animal wears a unique "body painting" with one of the "brightest" and "happiest" color of them all, orange. ".

That sounds right to me! Who does not melt at the view of a baby giraffe? Who does not feel an "awww- moment" seeing a giraffe walk so graciously? Who does not wonder what the view is like from so high up? Well maybe not many but I do ^__^

And giraffes can see 360 degrees without turning their heads !! That helps them keep safe and spot predators very early.

A giraffe's neck is made up of only 7 vertebrae, the same as that in a human neck. Of course the similarity stops there: each of the giraffe vertebrae is around ten inches (25.4 centimetres) long and they are attached to one another by ball & socket joints, which make the neck very flexible. Sounds pretty incredible really.

Giraffes have also very good eyesight, their senses of smell and hearing are very sharp. They can run very fast, almost 30 miles an hour, covering long distances without tiring. And like human fingerprints, each giraffe's coat is unique.

And now let me detail to you our unique Sophie The Giraffe, almost half a century old -- A dinosaur as the saleperson calls her in "three men and a Baby" when Peter Mitchell (Tom Selleck) is buying one Sophie in New York.

Thank you Dan!

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