Monday, February 8, 2010

Sophie ha girafa סופי הג'יראפה is on Facebook

I am generally skeptical about Facebook. It is taking me a lot of time to let myself participate. I am one of those people who still prefer the offline exchanges. I joined FB 6 years ago for work purpose: finding out what those social networks were, what they did and how they operated. At the time everyone could access anyone and basically check on whoever they wanted. Obvioulsy I did not log in under my real name and even if it broke the purpose of Facebook, it worked for me. My friends knew my reticences, were still my friends online and offline and that is all I cared for.

But now I am using Facebook for Sofi Hagirafa. Sofi has her own page. It is a regular page. I sometimes wonder whether I should have done a fan page instead? I will try to make one for the cute Chan, Pie and Gnon instead.

As of today Sophie ha girafa סופי הג'יראפה  has some 80 friends.
Mostly from Israel, France and a few other countries.
It is pretty nice and amazing to see so many people from different walks of life getting together around Sofi the Giraffe. I know very few of those "friends" for real: some are colleagues, some are family (what better support than family!^__^), some are in hi-tech, some are artists, some are students and some are teens, some are mothers, some are dating, some speak Hebrew, some don't. But they all agreed to become friend with Sofi ha girafa סופי הג'יראפה, and for all of them I want to say Thank you! Merci! Toda! because the little click meant a lot to me!
On Sofi's page on some days you can try guessing the location of  her "sisters" somewhere in the world, you can learn fun facts, you can meet others who are as passionate about Giraffes as I have become!

There is the One Million Giraffes Club that Ola Helland, a 24 year old man, who works as a web-designer at Stavanger Aftenblad started to prove his friend Jørgen wrong. Feel free to send in your own giraffe as long as she is "hand-made". There are some great giraffes on the site! Some fantastic creativity! 26 411giraffes  coming from the Middle East, some 26 391giraffes from Israel ...   Ola has gathered 562 370 giraffes...437 630 more and  328 days left!

Then there is the charter for compassion also on Facebook. Both Sophie and I joined the fan page and I signed the charter. How can you resist!? It is so true, so right and so lacking nowadays on our tiny planet and as they say "the principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves." That sounds so simple...yet it seems it is very complicated to practise.

 I discovered it thru Sophie ha girafa and the message here "Giraffes, more than meet the eyes"  mentionning that Giraffes are symbols for Non Violent Communication a global network of people and communities committed to living and teaching NVC to resolve conflict and meet the needs of all people."

See how one giraffe leads to another and this is just on Facebook! ^__^
There is a lot more to find out!

So I have to thank Facebook for all that I have learnt and gotten these past weeks.Through a famous tiny Giraffe teether called Sophie, my life is changing one click and/or one phone call at the time and so far I am enjoying it very much ( for the most part! hey! nothing is that perfect! ;)  )

While thinking how to illustrate this post, the image of a door came to mind. Door can open or  stay closed but we must then look for the window.. Isn't it how the saying goes?
 And while mentionning door, this video of  a dog who won't go through a screenless screen door is interesting. I wonder what the dog thought? superstition? habit?pure obedience? Anyhow he looks like a cute dog!

Thank you Ron!

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