Thursday, March 11, 2010

Incredible Giraffe Hotel of the World -part 1-

From what I read, there are at least two hotels where Giraffe lovers must go at least once in their lives! ^__^

Let me share with you the first one.

It  is in VietNam , in the south-central city of Dalat.

It is called the Hang Nga Guesthouse but is also known under "The Crazy House". The architecture is so original it is a challenge finding your room. It was built by Hang Nga the daughter of the ex-president of Vietnam. She was trained as an architect and gained a PhD from the Moscow State University before embarking on the construction on her guesthouse cum art gallery cum museum. She wanted free curves and structures — not straight lines.

From the reports on the web, one extraordinary building resembles a large, spooky tree, its rooms and corridors taking unexpected twists and turns and it is not unusual to come across a giant spider web hanging from the ceiling. But those are not the reason why a Giraffe Lover would want to stay there....
Hang Nga Guesthouse is most certainly the only place in the world where you can drink a cup of tea inside a giant giraffe..

Yep! See!?

I cannot seem to find any other pix with the Giraffe. I guess the entire place must make for amazing opportunities of pictures. Some qualify it as "a Disney animation of a Grimm’s Brothers fairy tale', others think of Dr. Seuss or Georgia O'Keefe-meets-Gaudi, with some Lewis Carroll.

In any case should you happen to visit Viet Nam and Dalat, make sure to visit the place asking for "the crazy House". You can visit the premises for US$0.50 a day or stay overnight (room rates range from about $30 to $70). I do not know when I will have an opportunity to go but it is on my list of "things to do&see"!

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