Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Numbers numbers numbers....

12-06-2009, 04-27-2010, 22 , 1460 , 60

Nope, those are not the lotto winning combination--though you are free to try it!

As of today,
since December 6, 2009,
22 stores in Israel carry Sophie,
1460 visitors came to the blog
from 60 countries (and counting) ...

Sophie Ha Girafa has been travelling virtually and effectively almost everywhere through her blog and her visits to the stores in the north, south, east and west.

I am thrilled when I get the "alert" that a new country sent a visitor. I know it does not help me much to making Sofi Hagirafa a household name in Israel but  I cannot help feeling simply happy at all those international visitors. Welcome Welcome! ^__^

More than half of you do come back to read more.... the others just happened to find us and left ^__^

In any case I am very happy to have such faithful readers for a tiny blog that moslty talks about Giraffes.

Sophie the giraffa סופי הג'יראפה  has also 100 friends on Facebook and seems to enjoy her page!

So from the bottom of my heart I really want to thank you, all of you, for your reading. It would make me very happy to get comments now and then but I understand:  let me not ask for too much! ^__^

Original pix on the Variety Children Charity site,
The Children’s Charity is dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world.

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