Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sophie Ha Girafa and the Elusive Dolphin

This time, Sophie HaGirafa went undercover to investigate the teething competition! 

I had heard from a few new mothers that they got a "very similar teether from natural rubber in the shape of a dolphin", from one leading store in the country.

Hmm.. Interesting, interesting.... *raising one eyebrow, hand rubbing chin*

Of course, I needed to get to the bottom of it. ^__^

So one morning off I went, looking in various places for a dolphin that is made of natural rubber. I was not even looking for a teether... just a dolphin! Show me a dolphin!
All that time, I could not help but wonder how the shape of a dolphin can really help with the teething, but maybe it had a very flexible shape? A very long nose? Something to bite onto?

After carefully questioning and researching all the stores around, I can inform you that no such dolphin exists, and has most probably never existed, according to one of the long-time managers of one particular famous baby store. She said that maybe I got the wrong information? She showed me a plastic dolphin that children play with in the bath, along with a few other animals. But as she mentioned: It is pure plastic, not made in France, and she really could not think of any Baby-toy made of natural rubber.

I thanked her very much and returned home with two thoughts: One being "I still have a lot of work to make Sophie La Girafe known here", and the other: "Maybe I should have told her about Sophie La Girafe?"

What do you think? 

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