Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bye bye office world, hello Sophie!

Today was my last day of work.
Those past days have been mixed emotions: happy to move on, sad to leave colleagues and now friends, scared about the future, relieved that it will only be "one" job from now on, excited at the same time, and thankful to all the well-wishers (and they were many). I am extremely lucky for their support!

So as I have no time to waste, I am jumping with both feet  in this new job as  importer, P.R., promoter and more for Sophie HaGirafa: I opened a Twitter acount , registered in LinkedIn and opened a bit more my FacebookPage. It seems that now in 2010 to be connected and connecting are a must but I must say I am a bit puzzled by some of it.

For instance, Twitter.
As soon as I registered I had one follower. I clicked to see who it was. Surprise! No one I knew! Even though I do not intend to divulge any spicy or boring details about my life I found it frankly a bit creepy to have "someone" following me the second I registered and I cannot help wondering how he found me so quickly.
I also wonder how I will get "Followers" in general, again how are they going to find me? All my friends and contacts are already in touch either through email or facebook. I will explore this Twitter technology with interest and doubts.

Apart from sitting at the computer writing, setting acounts and reading about giraffes ( I have discovered so many new info and facts about them: it is amazing! I will share them with you very soon ^__^  ), I also have to meet people and visit potential stores for Sophie Hagirafa.
That is how I discovered the city of Modi'in, a city between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. From the highway it looks like a big sculpture. It looks very pretty. It has a lot of character and uniqueness. It seems very organized too. As it was raining, there was no one outside which gave it a feeling of a ghost town but I suppose that during the non-rainy days (which are the majority in this part of the world) it is more lively.
Well now I should discover a bit more on this country or at least the roads to Baby Boutiques!

Next week: off to the North!

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