Friday, January 22, 2010

What gave you the idea to import Sophie?

Excerpt of a recurrent comment in a conversation:

...Yeah yeah, it is great! She is made of natural rubber...

Yeah yeah, I get it: no chemical and no harmful components in her...

Yeah yeah, you say she stimulates the 5 senses of a baby....

But what I want to know: What gave you the idea to import Sophie ???

This has to be the first question I have to answer whenever I start talking  and presenting Sophie Hagirafa.
And the answer is actually quite nice and simple and I think it shows that in life opportunities are everywhere.

A year ago, actually a bit more, I met with one of my friends, K.  She was a new mom of a three-month adorable baby girl who had started teething. As the old mom of teens that I am, I told her that she should get Sophie The Giraffe.
K. had never heard of her so I told her: simple! I will get you one as soon as I see it.
Except that after a couple of weeks looking here and there, I could not find any Sophie. Not a problem: my friend Alexandra had one shipped to me from France, the Land of Sophies and off I went back to K. giving her the Sophie.
K. looked at it, said that she looked very nice but really what was so special about her?
And I had no answer.
All I know is that in France: new baby = Sophie la girafe. It is a given, it is a must. No one will think twice.

My children were born in various countries and whenever I visited France, Sophie was on the shopping list without wondering why.

So now I had to find an answer for my friend and for me:  How can a 47 year-old teether survive all this time? There must be a good reason.

I found several.... and to the risks of boring you my dear faithful readers, let me repeat them for the benefit of new readers ( hopefully) to Sophie's fan club!  ^__^ Sophie The Giraffe is 100% natural made, 
Sophie the Giraffe is 100 percent natural rubber , Sophie la Girafe is Phthalates and BPA free. And she stimulates the 5 senses of the Baby.

Yep! All this!

With this precious information I went back to my friend K. who was very pleased and relieved that her daughter had such a safe and useful toy. And her baby loved her Giraffe!

On my way back home I thought it was really strange that I did not find Sophie the giraffe here in a country where there are so many Babies, so many parents looking for organic clothes and diapers and eco-friendly toys. I emailed Vulli the company that makes Sophies and to make a long story short: I became their exclusive importer of Sophie.

Of course that meant a lot of work, besides my regular work as QA in a Hi-tech company. We had to build a website, have the products tested to the norms of the country ( SII ) , pay here and there for those tests, papers, tax etc etc. But almost a year after here we are!

I have now decided to quit my job and dedicace 100% of my times for Sophie La Girafe. With her I became an importer, a seller, a promoter, a facebooker, a tweeter, a blogger in a country where we relocated in 2006 and where I can speak but barely write or read. But no panic! We will get through it one day at the time, learning along the way! Vive 2010....

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