Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sophie La Girafe coming near you!

Importing is a very good step but the next is even more crucial: finding the perfect stores that will sell Sophie La Girafe.

Luck was with us: we found three to start with.

One is located in Jerusalem: it is called BabyInnovations.
Tara's store is brand new and  not only does it carry Sophie La Girafe but it also has some incredible new products every new mom would like for her baby! I strongly invite you to visit her site...not mentionning she is a very friendly person.

35B Ramat HaGolan , Jerusalem 97703

Another store is in Herzlya Pituach and is called Pitchoun.
Pitchoun means "little child" in Occitan, a French language from the South. The owners Nicole and Sophie are originally from France and Sophie La Girafe is not a new product for them at all. Their store is also full of beautiful clothes for babies and toddlers with more and more garments made of organic cotton. Kids look like a million dollar in those clothes. I wish they carried my adult size!

Kikar Tiran, Herztlya Pituach

Last but not least of the three, Yug'z  in Raanana.
This is a boutique, a pregnancy, childbirth and parenting studio  and a café all in one. The toys are mostly made in Europe, the selection of cushions and other items for pregnant and new moms is amazing . I have been wondering if the "Y" in Yug'z comes from Yaella the Mom in chief there ? Anyhow Sophie La Girafe has flown off the shells right from the start!

Ahuza 70, Raanana

I know I still have a lot of work to bring more Sophies even closer to you and it will happen! This week I am meeting with a new mom opening a new store in Tel Aviv and with Michal in Modiin. I will keep you updated.

And remember you can always contact me here or thru our site, if we are not coming near you fast enough! ^__^


  1. Je teste le lien que je viens de mettre sur mon blogue, ça marche!

    Pis il est cool ton widget, j'aime bien les petits drapeaux. :)

  2. MOi aussi Mimi. Je les collectione! Avis aux entendeurs ^__^