Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sophie The Giraffe is a baby's very first candy.

When an adult gets a hold of Sophie The Giraffe, the first comment is usually "Oh! It is so soft! What is that texture? Amazing!", and when we mention that it is natural rubber straight from the trees, he or she immediately starts smelling Sophie. Some love the smell because it reminds them of their childhood. Others like it less. Some would love to taste it but refrain themselves, due to the fact that they are adults.

But what do babies think of Sophie? Actions speaking louder than words, it seems that they all agree: Sophie The Giraffe is fun to hold, but it is also the greatest object to gnaw and chew on.
The counter-pressure from biting on Sophie's nubs, ears, and feet helps relieve the pressure from under the gums when a baby teethes.

For parents the best thing about Sophie ( handmade in France) is that she is made out of a natural flexible rubber, and non-toxic paint and that she has no harmful chemicals (such as Parabens, PVC, Phtalates, BPA (Bisphenol-A) and Nitrosamines). She is a safe alternative to a plastic teether and helps minimize a baby's chance of being exposed to chemicals.
In the first year, babies put everything in their mouths, and in doing so, they can absorb large amounts of toxic chemicals that we aren't always aware of. Some of those chemicals have not been around long enough for us to know what the long-term consequences might be, but why take a chance when our babies can have Sophie? ^__^

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  1. superbe photo(-montage), bravo!