Saturday, March 27, 2010

Passover is upon us

Those past weeks Sophie Ha Girafa kept me very busy and mostly away from the computer hence my non-blogging. I have been driving up and down, making phone calls, checking inventory and delivering some Sophies: all the fun of being your own boss ^__^ .

It also made me realize I have a hard time just stopping and resting as there is always something to do, to check or to prepare. I feel I must give it 1000%... I admit that it is a bit tiring and I am looking forward to Monday and Tuesday. It is Passover Diner and we will have family and friends over, no mention of work!

Since I will be cooking I wanted to check a few recipes online when the Giraffite flaired up and  I ended up reading  about an English cook who has a recipe for Giraffe meat and  how in Kenya Giraffe steak is gourmet.

Pushing my curiosity further I discovered that the giraffe is both kosher since she is a ruminant, has split hooves and chews her cud ( she has 4 stomachs!) and halal because she is not a wild animal with tusk (to attack & kill), not abominate and she has a neck.

Arggghh! I hope to never ever see Giraffe meat in the supermarket or at the butcher's....Thankfully regarding the kashrut there is a slight problem: due to the length of her neck, it is not known where on the neck to perform the shechitah (ritual slaughter) *breathing in relief for me and my new friends the giraffes*  I hope it is the same for Dhabiĥa halal.

To all of you wherever you are in the world, I wish you a Peaceful and Happy Spring .... In this part of the world it coincides with Passover . It celebrates the physical freedom of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt.The word "Passover" comes from the Hebrew root word "Pesach" which means "to pass over". This alludes to when the Angel of Death "passed over" the homes of the Hebrews and instead went into the homes of the Egyptians and slew the first-born son in each Egyptian family as a punishment for not allowing the Hebrews to leave Egypt as a free people. This event occurred during the 10th and final Plague in Egypt.

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