Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Childhood memories

Early childhood memories come in all forms and shapes and can surprise us at any moment without warning.
Sophie the Girafa did just that to new mom D.

A couple fo days ago new mom D. called. She was interested in a Giraffe. Since she lives in an area without stores carrying Sophie la Girafa, I went to her. ( let me tell you a secret: this is the most fun part of this job! ^__^ ).

After the introduction I handed over a Sophie and while she clearly reminisced when smelling her, I asked her how she knew Sophie la girafa. It was evident Sophie was familiar.

She explained to me that she had one when she was little. Probably a present from abroad or maybe a purchase her mom had made while travelling to France she could not tell. Today she was transported back to her babyhood telling me how it is the same latex smell and the sound ! Oh that is the same sound that made her so happy then! D. had never thought of Sophie La girafa and had no idea she still existed until this weekend. She recieved a call from her aunt who had seen that giraffe in one of the stores here. And it was not a second-hand but a brand new Sophie la Girafa!

D. went online and found us...and the rest is history ^__^

D. looked so serene and so excited at the memories triggered by Sophie. She gave Sophie to her beautiful son who soon started gnawing her, and watching him she had that look of complicity " Enjoy Baby! I know how good it feels ". And just like that Sophie became a second generation toy in Israel as well !

To conclude this post I will share with you probably the only pix I have of my kids owning a Sophie. I took out some of the baby-books I have. We have too many of those but I kept writing in the section favourite toy: "baby's favourite toy is the giraffe" and in between parenthesis the precision "for his teething". And suddenly there she is, barely noticeable among the other toys..... Can you see her?? ^__^


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