Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sophie Ha Girafa: there is only one and yet....

It could be a matter for Sherlock Holmes!

While you and I know very well there is only One and only One Sophie the Girafa, you will be "shocked" to read and see what follows!

Ok : "Shocked" is a bit too strong ^__^  . Actually it reminds me of the saying that stipulates that being imitated is a way of knowing you made it.... something in those lines...

Well , as if we did not know it already, Sophie The girafa made it!

First evidence:

Sophie Life-Size Giraffe. That is its name... this giraffe is a life-sized giraffe stuffed toy with life like features as well as height.

See for yourself!

I do not know who the artist is, he or she did a great job...but why naming it Sophie?

Second evidence:

Ms. Sofie Giraffe for dogs... Not as impressive but smiling and not really looking like a giraffe if you ask me.

and yes! the name of that toy is Sophie Giraffe also spelled Sofie.

Those wanna-be Sophies could be marketed as "Giraffe-Gifts for the entire Family".

Thank you Tenessean for the pix ( great pix on their blog!!)

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