Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sophie la girafa investigates...

Six months in. Time for a small assessment of how the business is going.

To do so, those past weeks I visited almost all of the stores that carry Sofi la girafa and ask them a few questions such as  how is Sofi the giraffe doing? were they pleased with her? does she sell well? who the customers are and why it seems they buy Sophie Ha girafa?

Being a first-time business person, I am a bit anxious on how well it is all going. It is very similar to when your child enters school for the first time and you meet the teacher. You want to hear only good things because, hey! your child is the best! ^__^

I feel exactly the same with Sophie The Giraffa. She is like my baby and when a store owner tells me it is rather slow, I cannot help but frown and think: why!? why!? why!? and when a store owner is happy, I beam with joy.

So those "why!? why!? why!?" needed explanations.

~~ Answer #1 to one of those "why!? why!? why!?  is Sophie Ha Girafa not flying off the shelves"???

To any French person (living in France), Sophie la girafa is a given. She is not necessarily well known as "Sophie La Girafe" but simply as "la girafe des bébés".

As I wrote then here, I realize that most of us, French parents, do not really know why we buy it, but we do and we know from hearsay and experience here and there that it is a must.

Six months ago when I first started visiting the stores and explaining who-what-why sofi the girafa, I decided it made sense to prepare a flyer in Hebrew that says it in a succinct way. The flyer could be given to every customer and each box of Sophie would have one inside as well. It explained the history, what makes her organic and 100% natural and how she stimulates the five senses of Baby.

But I missed one crucial detail!

On the flyer along with the text, I put this "visual" that is on every Box of Sophie.

But I came to realize that this cute Sophie ha girafa with the Eiffel Tower does not say enough about her.

I should have used this instead:

Don't you agree?

At first glance you know right away what Sophie Ha giraffe is for... and  you can tell Baby loves her....

That confirms the famous saying: a picture is worth a thousand words!

And so appears one element of answer: Sophie the girafa is simply not famous enough (yet) and my flyer was not right on target.

to be continued.... or as we say in French "La suite au prochain épisode"...

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