Monday, July 12, 2010

Dying to meet Sofi Ha Girafa? Your dream can come true!

Yes, it can! This week and the next! ^__^

  • If you are in Tel Aviv, 
  • if you feel like going out in the late afternoon/early evening 
  • if you like to have a good time,

then you must come to the

 Tel Aviv Namal Fair

"משחקי ילדות "
"Childhood Games"  

This Thursday July 15 between 6pm and 10pm

Not only Sophie HaGirafa will be there, but there will be games for all the young-at-heart, in an atmosphere of fun and childhood nostalgia. Backgammon boards, chess, checkers, ladders and ropes, Twister, dominoes, and much more await you. It really sounds like a lot of fun!

So for those of you who want to see and say "Hi!" to Sophie La Girafe, you are warmly invited to come to Tel Aviv Harbor (AKA Namal Tel Aviv).

Entrance is free and Sophie HaGirafa will be there from 6PM to 10PM on Thursday July 15 (and also the following thursday.)

More detailed info in Hebrew here:משחקי-ילדות-בנמל-תל-אביב/14-07-2010

See you there!

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