Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sofi Ha Girafa is a muse! (Part 1 of "Giraffes-only" Portfolio)

Since starting this blog, I have also discovered how Giraffes were part of the world of Art, Advertising, Sculpting and Architecture...

And Sofi HaGirafa itself has inspired a friend of mine, an artist from France,  Cheyenne Angel. (you can find her on FB...click on her name! Become a Fan! )

Actually, I do not know if the inspiration comes from Sophie Ha Girafa per se, or because of my constant "mentioning" of  her... ^__^ 

But one day I received this: Giraffe Suzie. It's almost as if she comes from another planet, with blue suns and far-away satellites. Suzie is clearly scintillating. Merci Cheyenne Angel!

Giraffe Suzi By Cheyenne Angel...

But this is not all!!!

Later on, another friend and blogger, Giroflée, sent me Sophie, tout simplement! Giroflée has magic fingers and can do anything! (You can see her blog if you click on her name). Merci Miss V!

Sophie Ha girafa in her frame is on my desk of course ^__^

Hana is another artist and friend of Cheyenne Angel. She also painted  "Girafes Pierre De Lune". She has a very charming style that is based on Japanese and Asian inspirations. You can see more of her on FB.

I hope you enjoyed this post... because it is the first of a series I call "Giraffe-Only portfolio".
If you are an artist  (or if you know an artist -including children of course)  that have been inspired by the wonderful Giraffes, or by Sophie Ha Girafa, do let me know! I will be very honoured to present all the artwork on my blog!

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