Sunday, June 27, 2010

Business 101 for Sophie Ha Girafa


How about sharing some basic business knowledge today? Maybe you have an idea for a business and the following might help you a tiny bit?
This is what  I have learned  since I started the adventure of or with Sophie the Girafa.

To work as a Freelance in Israel there are currently 3 options:

1- Tium Mas: ( Click on Tium Mas for more infos) 
 A person employed in more than one position will have to make arrangements with the Income Tax authority to have the appropriate taxes applied. This simple process is called ‘Tium Mas’.You don’t need to register as a freelancer.

2- Esek Patur: ( "patur" means "exempt") ( Sometimes it sounds more like "Ossek" than "Essek")
It enables you to work freelance up to 60 hours a month earning up to 60,000 NIS extra a year.You cannot deduct expenses but you don’t pay VAT

3- Esek Morshe aka Osek Murshe:
It is a registered entity. You can deduct expenses. You Pay VAT, Bituah Leumi...
So I opened an Esek Morshe and got an accountant...and contacted a printing company where I made the 3 books: Invoice, Receipts and Delivery Note.  If you read Hebrew, this site seems to explain every other detail.
I have to confess I thought I was getting a "Esek Moshe" know Israel being the land of the Bible: Moshe, Shlomo, Yacov etc etc  I thought that is how they categorized businesses.... Needless to say a few people had a good laugh at my expenses.

After the process at Makhon Hatkanim, I ordered Sophie Giraffes from France, I received them and off I was visiting beautiful Baby Stores around the country,  kinda happy I could easily resist all the cute toys, clothes, and other fun baby stuffs since I have no Baby!
Aside from visiting and convincing, always with Sophie ha Girafa in mind,  I joined some Networking events. One of those is organized by Gloria Kinrot  from USOLVE . It takes place one Sunday every month. Asides from learning a few things and meeting Gloria who is full of ideas and energy, she informed me  that as a new Esek Morshe, I am entitled to 20 hours of coaching at subsidized price of 56 shekels including VAT instead of 340 shekels ( if I remember well the price).

To benefit from those hours, you need to call the Business Development Center  MATI Raanana (or the one in Jerusalem ) , set up an hour-long  appointment (60 shekels) and if you qualify for coaching , open a file (250 shekels). If you know which coach you want to work with, give them the number and after a few days or weeks, you can start.
Well I hope to enjoy those coaching hours soon!
In the meantime on MATI's site I found some useful infos on how to prepare a Press Release, a Brochure, Customers etc and this is right what I am in the process of working on!
Time to play  nope... time to annoy my son with Photoshop *Wink* He does a great job!

source Photos: Matt Marriott / Associated Press
Bea, a three-year-old giraffe, and Wilma, an ostrich,
 have become the best of friends at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Florida

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