Monday, June 21, 2010

Very Important: Sophie ha Girafa is bisphenol A and phthalates FREE!

This is a not-so-light-hearted post today. Not everything can be fun even on a tiny blog about Sofi Ha Girafa and giraffes around the world. But I feel it is important.

Those past months I have read articles about early puberty affecting our children. It can be as early as 7 for a girl and 10 for a boy whereas in the 19th century 15 was the earliest age.

This is quite worrysome. Poor children... already developped physically but clearly children mentally-- as they should be!

A few factors have been pointed out as potential causes of early puberty: obesity, food or better said junk food, no activity be it sport, walking, playing outside...
There are sadly no clear answers... and while some blames obesity for it, others focus on the chemical exposure that comes along modern life.

Some researchers believe that environmental chemicals mimicking the hormone estrogen could be contributing to the changes and exposure to three chemical classes - phthalates, phenols and phytoestrogens - can ‘disrupt the timing of pubertal development’ in young girls.

I wrote a bit about those chemicals in December last year when I just started the blog. The fact that Sophie the Girafa is chemical-free was a huge reason for me to start importing it to Israel.

Earlier this year France banned Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles. It should have been banned on all plastics but politics being politics, economy being economy.... the ban will only affect the baby bottles....Let's hope it is only a start! ( great article in French here)

So clearly there is some reasons to worry about exposure to those chemicals...

For us parents, what is done is done, but for your tiny ones, you must remember and pass the word around that Giraffe Sofi is chemical free!

Sophie the girafa contains
NO bisphenol A and NO phthalates.

Sophie Hagirafa is probably
one of the safest toys in the world 
for your baby.

That makes her not only the safest but the best of the bestest gifts your baby can receive at such a young age.

And you will agree with me: there is nothing more important than Health...

Poet Raja Basu said in one of his poems "Health is Wealth"

Merci à  toi bébé Camille et à tes parents!

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