Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sophie Ha Girafa at the Fair

That was last thursday and that was an interesting experience.

I was very lucky. My friend and wonderful assistant Lior came along and besides chatting and talking to passers-by, we learned a lot.

First we learned that we were way too early! To get our Sofi The Girafa table ready took us 15 minutes roughly so we had a lot of time to enjoy the beautiful mediterranean view and feel the hot wind. We did miss the sunset but I am sure it must have been amazing!

Sophie Hagirafa got greeted by a radio-host from 99fm. I did not get her name but that radio-host had to mention Sophie Hagirafa as part of the advertising for the fair and was curious what that Girafa was like! Well she did not seem disappointed and Lior and I were both pleasantly surprised to hear that Sophie Hagirafa got radio time! This is wonderful!!

We had friendly table-neighbors for the most part. The pace of the Fair was quite slow and relax, typical of a summer evening with people just strolling by the sea: families, friends, teens enjoying the cool air and the diversion of the fair but not necessarily looking to buy anything. There was lovely stands too, cute dancing ostrich, elephant etc ( I did not see any giraffe but that would have been fun!), thinking games, creative games for the kids of all ages, kites, books etc

Here is a short random summary of what it was like...

Lior and I did a lot of introducing Sophie Ha Girafa, we were also encouraged by all the French (either tourists or residents) when they suddenly saw Sophie La Girafe, came over to greet us and shared their smiles and joie de vivre. We met a few Israelis who lived abroad and knew Sophie the Giraffe and were pleased to see she finally made her Alya. Some potential customers promised to come back next thursday to get their Sophie so I am looking forward to see them...unless they could not wait and got it at one of the stores selling it.

The Fair started at 6pm and finished at 10pm. I hope this thursday will be even more friendly. Do come and see us! Come to meet Sofi the girafa , the unique little giraffe from France that all babies love!

A Bientôt! A Jeudi alors!

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