Monday, August 2, 2010

Worlwide Sophie La Girafe: a truly and uniquely French sensation!

Can you believe that the tiny, French, 49 year-old Sophie HaGirafa, is now available in 38 countries over 4 continents and that happened in the last couple of years only?

We are not talking about a big multinational or international company, where taking on the world is expected. We are talking about Vulli.

Vulli, the maker of Sophie The Giraffe, was created in 1946. It is a French company from the Alps with less than a 100 workers. Its name comes from Mr. Vullierme who launched it. They are very famous on the French market for all kinds of toys and baby products and their patented technique of "rotating molding"... Sophie The Giraffe, since the sixties, is by far their top-success!

Sophie The Giraffe started her international stardom mostly through a French mother who upon relocating to the US decided it would be cool to launch Sophie la Girafe. It worked! And from there the little  giraffe keeps on rolling...

I can see how international she is through this little blog: It has visitors from everywhere! I am amazed that it is read in countries I can only dream of visiting! I love this virtual travelling when I see the flags of the visitors.

True, some of my faithful readers are long-time friends scattered along our little planet that I have met in expat life. E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter: They're all good, but never under-estimate the power of a Sophie HaGirafa and a blog.  ^__^

I cannot help but be curious about the other readers. I wonder if you find what you are looking for when landing on the blog...or if you just ended up here at the suggestion of some random search engine?

One "old" post seems to bring many visitors too... but I suspect they were looking for a drink and not a giraffe... or could it be our art-work that has been bringing visitors in? ^__^

And please remember.... your comments and questions are welcome!


 NB: Next time you think " La France", do not stop at:
 "baguette", wine", "cheese", "fashion", "love", "Eiffel Tower"


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