Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sofi HaGirafa is taking a few days off....

Even Sophie Ha Girafa needs a little holiday!

 Blogging will be on hold but if you need your Sophie The Giraffe-fix, here are some options ^__^

  • visit our cute site for general infos and FAQs

  • watch the process each Sophie La Girafe goes through: from the Hevea of the tree to being put in her beautiful box.... (video on our site)

  • watch the video of Tom Selleck's character buying a Sophie la Girafe in New York in the movie "three men and a Baby" (also on our cute site)

  • visit one of the stores that carry Sofi HaGirafa. The list is here or on our site. I hope one will be near you, if not do not hesitate to be in touch by email ( When I am back I will be in touch!

  • Sofi Hagirafa has also a blog in Hebrew. You are warmly invited to visit it as well!

  • Befriend Sophie Ha Girafa on Facebook or Twitter in Hebrew  סופי הג`יראפה  if you haven't already.

I wish you all a wonderful and peaceful August,
thank you always for reading us
and until then:


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