Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sophie Ha Girafa is ready for her "rentrée"!

Hi everyone!

All good things must come to an end and as we say in French, C'est la rentrée ! It means September is close by and it is time to go back to school, work or simply to our daily routines.

The same goes for Sophie la Girafa and she is ready!

So how are you? How was your summer months for those in our area? Did you miss Sophie Hagirafa? ^__^

Let us start our "rentrée"  with some Celebrity News from our Star Sophie La Girafe.

First of all : who saw the movie SATC?

If you did, you surely have noticed our Sophie La girafe!! Sofi the Giraffe has a cameo appearance in the latest Sex and the City movie. I have not seen the movie but as a fellow blogger said, "this is possibly the reason that the movie got one star in most reviews. Sophie’s appearance single handedly saved the movie." I cannot comment  on that quote but I do confirm that Sophie La girafe is indeed a Star in itself and if I ever see the movie I will look out for Sophie The  Girafa!

Miranda's husband Steve carrying their baby's Sophie.

Another new Celebrity Mom (and an actress I really like) got a Sophie for her baby.
I am talking about Sandra Bullock.

This is all very exciting for Sophie Ha Girafa!

And it will be even more exciting when Sofi Ha Girafa will have her turn in Israeli TV Shows and movies.

Adapted from a Finnish Proverb

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  1. She truly is a star :).
    Have to absolutely get one for my German's friend Baby.