Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sophie Ha Girafa squeaks and pouête!

Sophie Ha Giraffe squeaks and pouête and she should!

Someone asked me this week if all Sophies the Giraffes make a sound.
The answer is Yes! Absolutely!  Every single Sophie the Giraffe squeakes when pressed.

It is not "stam","סתם". It is not without reason that Sofi the Giraffe squeaks and she is one of the very few --if not the last one - of natural rubber toy that "squeaks".

The squeaking or the "pouêt" (in French) is indispensable to the Hearing sense Sophie Ha Girafa stimulates. Babies usually discover they can make the sound happens between the age of 4 to 7 months. With it they learn that one of their actions makes it happen, it helps them identify this particular toy, and last but not least: the squeak makes Baby smile!

Sophie La Girafe being a multisensory teether, the sound she makes is an integral part of what and who she is.

NB- For the specialistes of the French Language, yes "pouêter" is a verb of my invention...It just sounded just too cute not to do it ^__^

Les Luthiers is an Argentine comedy-musical group. Their outstanding characteristics are the home-made musical instruments (hence the name luthiers, French for "musical instrument maker"). I was lucky to see them "live" during one of their tour in Mexico City. They are an amazing charismatic band where good mood just irradiates!

I am sure they would not object to trying Sophie La Girafe as Musical Instrument even if her sound has a limited range ^__^  

Here is their tour-calendar , should you ever be in Spain or South America!

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