Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sophie Ha Girafa: chemistry and good news!

One thing I was not expecting when I started with Sophie La Girafe is talking about chemistry! My last memory of that subject was of Mrs. Folse teaching us about the Periodic Table... As much as I liked my teacher, I was not a very interested student... But now I guess Chemistry is like Math: it can come back to haunt you at anytime. ^__^

So chemistry came back while I was reading and researching about Sophie HaGirafa, not only to keep track of the news, but also to be able to answer questions that I get from stores or customers... That's when the big bad word "Nitrosamines" appeared. 

What is that????

Answer: Nitrosamines are new chemical compounds, which -- I want to write or scream  " BUT OF COURSE!"-- can be carcinogenic...
Carcinogenic: Though there are many things that are believed to cause cancer, a substance is only considered carcinogenic if there is significant evidence of its carcinogenicity. (source WiseGeek)

Those past years, before I got involved with Sofi HaGirafa, it seems every few people I meet have cancer, have had cancer or have someone very close who has it and some, tragically, passed on.
And then, because of Sophie La Girafe, I discovered this whole aspect of plastics, rubber, and chemicals involved in our everyday lives; chemicals used in the making of toys for our beloved children, and so many are made without much thought for the health of the future generation.
I know money is THE engine of our world but with so many people having so much knowledge in sciences, health, natural resources, with all those trends about "going green", with so many people who are passionate and comitted to a greener and healthier world, I'm really expecting to see some big changes in the many fields of our lives, starting with Baby products. And I am sure it will happen!

Enough of my ranting! Let us talk a bit more about these "Nitrosamines" if you don't mind ^__^
There are several compounds. Some develop under high temperatures (such as for frying food), some are found in tobacco smoke. However, nitrosamines are substances that are not added to baby toys, teats, and soothers. But "they are the reaction products of amines or amine derivatives with nitrosating agents." (For more elaborate explanations, please visit this page or this one written by Richard A. Scanlan, Ph.D.)

Since 2002 , the French General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (La Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes [DGCCRF] ), has required from the toy manufacturers to be attentive to the dangers of this substance, and to ensure that the rate of nitrosamines remains at their lowest, so as to not be harmful.

I will conclude with this great news: I am extremely pleased to confirm to you that Vulli's Sophie La Girafe is completely conformed and in the French norms. That means that its amount of Nitrosamines is negligible and at the lowest possible level.

The Great News!

Sophie La girafe= No Phthalate

Sophie La girafe= No Bisphenol A
AND Sophie La girafe= as close as possible to No Nitrosamine

Sophie Ha Girafa will go through everything to ensure that she is the best Baby Toy ever!

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