Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sophie Ha Girafa Likes "Like"

It was bound to happen!

The "Like " button reached Sofi HaGirafa.

I do not know about you, but the codes Facebook gives are not that clear for people like me. All I see is a bunch of letters, symbols, numbers and eventually words I can understand. I have no idea what they represent altogether and it never comes out as it should when I simply copy and paste them.

But lucky me: I have Google!

A few questions and voila! We find answers.

We do not find THE answer but clues which is very good and helpful .... so without throwing the computer away and remaining cool under the fan working full speed, after a few times trying to tweak here and there the almighty code, well there it is: Sofi Hagirafa has a "like" button.... Actually I should type סופי הג'יראפה בחנויות  I do not know if it really works though?!

It may still look a bit big on the page... what do you think? I think I will look for a smaller version but not right now. I am first going to admire my new "gadget" ^__^

So have fun my friends, feel free to click click click away how much you "Like" Sophie La Girafe ^__^

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