Sunday, September 19, 2010

Part two of "Giraffes-only" Portfolio.

Between two "Chagim" I think it is the best time to present to you the second part of  "Sophie Ha Girafa is a Muse!" or better said: Part two of "Giraffes-only" Portfolio  ^__^ 

(For a refresher-course:  part 1 is here)


Let me present to you, sculptor Danie de Jaeger ( 1936-2003) who grew up in the African bushveld and created among others the incredible "Giraffe Family". Those giraffes are huge! By the way I do not know if this sculpture is still for sale but some of his work is...Should you need some Giraffes in your space...

Mario Mariotti (1936-1997) from Italy as his name suggests,  painted also on his own hands, You can see him in action on  Animains. One day he painted this intriguing and big-eyed Giraffe... I love how she looks! Half-posing half-perplexed. Not mentionning her lips! Sofi Giraffa only wishes she could compete!
Mario Mariotti  was a conceptual artist (click on the link to enjoy even more of his art) who transformed hands into odd, fantastic creatures.

And last but not least for today's post, I will present to you Guido Daniele, another Italian artist who has developped a body painting technique... It is beautiful!

how calm she looks...

 I wonder how many hours it requires and how much patience both the model and the artist need! I actually tried to hold my hand in that way and it is so painful to hold the fingers bent and the angle of the wrist..Try it! ^__^

C'est tout pour aujourd'hui mes amis!


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