Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giraffe as King of the Animals!

Just why is the Lion considered King of the Animals?

In pagan times in western countries it used to be the Mighty Bear but when the Church took over it changed it to the lion whose roar was judged as "the voice of the divine"..

In other part of the world, according to this legend, the decision was taken during a fun-day out in the forest for all the animals with picnic and games and obviously no hunting and killing. At some point they all discussed how much they love their forest and that if they had a chief it would help protect their land and set some laws to make life better for all.

But who could be that leader?

They agreed to have an election for kingship. The tiger, the leopard, the elephant, the lion, and many others who were deemed fearless and tough in the jungle were nominated.This election was chaired by the ape.

But in the course of the afternoon an earthquake happened: many animals perished and some were trapped including Chairman Ape. The candidates tried rescuing the old animal. The tiger was not strong enough, the leopard said he’d rather eat chairman ape, while the elephant was too big he might pin the ape to death. It was only the lion that was able to free the old animal unharmed using his strength and wit. When Chairman Ape recovered, he declared the lion king, and all the animals agreed. And this is where I object ^__^

All right: lions are very muscular, they have graceful movements, they can deliver blows with their forepaws heavy enough to break a zebra's back. When a lion roars, it can do so with enough force to raise a cloud of dust, but lions also spend much of their time resting and are inactive for about 20 hours per day.

I think you see now that in no way they can they compare to the majestic Giraffe!

Giraffes not only tower over everyone due to their long necks as she is afterall the tallest living animal. A giraffe's keen eyesight means they can keep an eye on their neighbours even at a distance, preventing rather than defending... Giraffe herds do not have a leader. Giraffes have amazing adaptions that help them with their lifestyle in the wild. They are very strong and respected. No animal by itself dares attack the giraffe; they can kill a lion in an instant by their forcefull kick...and they sleep only a few minutes a day!

The giraffes are silent and peaceful creatures, socially very well organized but they are definitely not voiceless. Because of their gentle behavior they have given a name to a language: the langage of non-violence, the "Giraffe language" which is communication from a caring heart. (I first discovered and wrote about it on this post)

Now to me this is enough to qualify the Giraffe as King and Queen to all!

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