Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Newtonesk destiny of ONE Sophie La Girafe

I got a call today. From my sister.

It was a somber call. She had tragic news to share.
She felt bad but she knew she had to do it. One cannot escape her crime.

Before telling you, let me go back in time.

1971- Spring time in France.
My parents decided to take some holidays and to go visit our relatives 4 hours drive from our little home with a garden*.  (* important detail). Clothes, toys, food and Sophie La Girafe were packed and off we are.

My sister was a year-old and I was 18 months old. I was told I was an active little human being and surely had disliked the 4 hours-drive while my sister was a very easy-going baby.

We finally arrived in the "big city" and were welcomed at the sixth floor of uncle and aunt. I can only imagine their startlement at the sudden wave of suitcases, babies, and noise!  I am sure they must have been overwhelmed yet so excited to finally see all of us.

And as everyone settled, greeted, talked, laughed and apparently ignored little me... I guess it was time for me to move around, explore their home and one more time test Newton's Law of Gravity with  Sophie The Giraffe. Until that fateful day Sophie The Giraffe had always come back to me by some sorts of magical actions of the parents...but this time proved different: Sophie The Giraffe never came back and was never found.

Throwing Sophie La Girafe from the sixth floor confirmed Newton's Law. It also confirmed the parents were no magicians or The Flash (aka Wally West). Yep! No superpowers! In spite of the sudden panic of the adults due to the crying of my baby sister and my standing by the balcony, they did not get down fast enough to catch Sophie Ha Girafa and could not find it on the sidewalks. Maybe someone else had taken it? Maybe they had looked at the wrong place?

We will never know and this is how our Beloved Sophie La Girafe was gone from our lives for good.

And it was my fault... *deep sigh and head down in guilt*  So sorry Petite Soeur!

A very big Merci! to Cath et sa maman
for sharing her childhood pix with Sophie La Girafe 
 and let me use it to illustrate this O! so somber post...

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