Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sophie HaGirafa get whiter with time, so is her life!

Two posts in two days: it means the following post must be very important, right?!

And yes! it is and I do not want to wait to publish it, because many new parents have been worried for no reason.

I am talking about Sophie Ha Girafa losing her spots...,her black eyes.... or more!

Do not be alarmed
when your Sofi HaGirafa loses her colors.

  • She is not getting sick,
  • she is not losing her giraffe-teething appeal,
  • she is just proving to you that no conservative or chemical substances are used in the making of Sophie La Girafe and that your Baby has been enjoying Sofi!

With time, with saliva, with perspiration from hot humid summers like the kind we have in the Middle East, Sophie The Giraffe will have her cute and attractive spots disappear.

It is part of experiencing Sofi HaGirafa and her 100% natural guarantee. Sadly no natural food coloring has been found to be time-defying yet!

But it is 100% normal and must be expected!

Here are some Sophies sent by friends and family to show you that even white (and Gasp!!! **blind** ) Sophie La Girafe is still there and loved!

Andy Warhol was right when he said:
“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself” ... Babies and Summer can do that to our beloved Sophies...

Do not panic, remember it is Normal!
Even though Sophie does not get old as a baby toy,
we can still know she has been at work!

She simply gets whiter!

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