Monday, October 11, 2010

Giraffes make great totem animals

Have you ever wondered what your totem animal was? Maybe it is written in your Baby Book along with your astrological sign, planet, ascendant and more? Maybe you know it and have always known it? Or, like me, you do not know... and have never even thought about it!?

I have just recently discovered that Giraffes can be totem animals. Actually, why not? As intrigued and as interested as I am by legends and folklores, supersititions and beliefs, I had never really paid any attention to totem animal before. So I started wondering and researching about that.

There are several ways to discover one's totem.

Some people know instinctively what their totem animal is, they simply feel a certain attraction for an animal, see it in dreams, look for it at the zoo....  I am afraid my totem has never been very strong, or I was oblivious to it. Either way, it is a shame, because I discovered in this site that Animal Totems are guides. It is important to have Guides in Life. You can have several animal guides throughout your life. Sometimes an animal guide will come into your life for a short period of time, and then be replaced by another, depending on the journey or direction you are headed towards. Your guide will instruct and protect you as you learn how to navigate through your spiritual and physical life.

I must now find out what my totem is: Looking back at my childhood and all, I have always liked watching the monkeys doing their acrobatics at the zoo, but, being an ex-gymnast, this is not very surprising. I also like Baby Elephants, I find them very cute...same with Koalas... 

A few months ago when I went to a zoo I did spend 90% of my time by the Giraffes (again not very surprising thanks to Famous Giraffe Teether Sophie) and the last animal I dreamt of was a donkey (it was rare enough for me to remember the dream, let alone the animal!). However, I do not feel any special attraction or connection (except for Sophie bien sûr!) to any of these animals, which means I have to take the test here . (there is another one here , both gave me the same totem too!)
After answering 19 questions, I discovered that my totem animal is 42 % wolf, but also 32 % deer and 21 % eagle!
I am very impressed!!!!!!!! *imagining them as ONE totem* ...I kind of like these animals too. I am also a bit surprised. I thought the Giraffe was going to be my totem. Afterall, this is THE animal I have had constantly in mind for the past 12 months, and I write about it almost all the time... and the meaning of the Giraffe Totem is quite good:

Farsightedness, Communication / Foreseeing the future / Reaching beyond 

People who have a Giraffe totem often know the future.

They can sense what is going to happen, what lies over the horizon.

Giraffe people should be very careful of what they say.

Do not allow other's words to affect you.
Giraffes have their legs firmly planted on the earth but their heads in the sky.This represents balance and the ability to progress.
Giraffe people should never become complacent and lose sight of the future.
Life will become increasingly difficult until you set your sights once more on the path ahead.
Giraffes, and their people, have very strong ties to family and friends, especially parent and children.(If the giraffe happens to be your totem, you can read on here and here)

Come to think of it:
since Sophie HaGirafa is with Baby from such a young age... and is loved so much...
99% of Babies must have Giraffe as totem!
Isn't it wonderful???

 So ... do not be shy, share with us:
what is your Totem Animal?


  1. Can one choose it? i want a giraffe :)

  2. Me too!:) What is your totem then?