Friday, October 8, 2010

We got our first recognition badge!

Sort of. :) Actually it is not Sofi per se but the blog... Still it is the first "badge" ^__^

You may have noticed it on the right hand-side scrolling down...

The badge comes from Go! Overseas. It is no so much for our Star Sophie The teether even though she is the reason for the blog, but for the experience of starting "something" ( anything!)  in a new country. It is a fabulous adventure where one learns everyday a lot. I highly recommend it and if you need some "cheerleading" , contact me! ^__^

Go! Overseas mission:

Creating a centralized website to provide the resources required for meaningful travel abroad. That idea has grown and expanded into  a community driven website of like minded people who are all passionate about teaching, studying and volunteering abroad. GO! Overseas features a popular forum where users regularly discuss a wide range of travel topics, and a blog community where they have brought together a wealth of overseas travel experiences. They also regularly post insightful articles to help expand the communities knowledge about opportunities to travel abroad.
I ended up spending a lot of times on their site reading blogs about Culture Shock, Travelling...and have not even reached the forums yet! It has a lot of resources and informations and if you intend even vaguely a stint abroad: I really recommend you to go and check Go!Overseas.

So thank you Andrew for the honour ! ^__^

Both Sophie and I are very pleased. And my gratitude to all of you ( mostly silent readers ^__^ ) because without you, this blog would not be here.


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