Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hamley the Giraffe is gone...

I just recieved this sad news.... Even this tiny blog is not spared...

Hamley, one of the stars of the South African TV drama Wild At Heart has died after being struck by a bolt of lightning during a thunder storm.

In the serie "Wild at heart"  animals and stunning landscape share the screen with the cast. It is a family drama where Stephen Tompkinson plays Danny Travanion, a British vet who emigrated with his family to set up a veterinary hospital and game reserve in the South African bush.

 Hamley with Stephen Tompkinson 
on the set of TV drama Wild At Heart    source

Hamley was only seven-year-old. (Giraffes can live up to 25 years). He had been on the show for five years.

"It was a natural disaster, but nevertheless heartbreaking for everyone who has been involved with him - he was a real character. Our wildlife is very much at the heart of the series - Hamley was a gentle, playful and charming animal. He will be greatly missed by everybody.' said Producer Nick Goding.

Hamley had already filmed scenes, including frightening an environmental agency visitor up a tree, for the next series.

A spokeswoman for the drama said of the scene: 'You can't teach wild animals how to act. But Hamley walked up to the tree afterwards where the actor was and started to lick his face. 'That will stay in (the series). That was just one of his many extraordinary facets, that as a wild animal he had this natural aptitude to do what you wished for.'

"Animals are such agreeable friends
- they ask no questions,
they pass no criticisms."
~ George Elliot

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