Monday, November 8, 2010

Sophie HaGirafa's Society

You must know it by now... Almost 50 years that Sophie La Girafe is every French Baby's must-have. Every baby has a cot, a stroller, some clothing of course....and the giraffe.

I am however constantly surprised when talking to French parents: most did not know that that Giraffe has a name. Funny, don't you think? It shows us that when a product is tried & approved, with or without a name, it will work. (Let me add that Sophie La Girafe was never part of any French advertising campaign, she succeeded by word of mouth, and that was way before the Internet ^__^)

Until 2007 Sofi was France's Best Kept Secret. I do not think it was "on purpose", the fact is when you are so used to something, in this case to Girafa Sophie, you forget that it does not necessarily exist in other countries, you do not think about it ....until someone at some point gets the "eureka" moment and launches Sophie La Girafe to be a world sensation, soothing every gum and enchanting babies and parents alike across the globe.

In the US, Sophie is big! To the point that in one of the parenting Forums, a mom who loved Sophie so much, created a badge that says : "My child is part of the Sophie Society" and other users agreeing with her, post it in their signature as well...

See how cute it is!!

NB: I am a bit puzzled with the cute owl and sleeping moon Hooters... does anyone know what it refers to? I doubt it is the restaurant!?

 In Israel Sofi HaGirafa has her own Club on the almighty Facebook and her Hebrew Tapuz Blog. It will be neat the day we discover a similar badge in Hebrew on the forums here.

In the meantime, remember: Sophie Ha Girafa is 100% Natural and 100% Love(d), she "is definitely worth it" as some like to say ...

Everyone smiles in the same language.
~Author Unknown

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