Saturday, December 4, 2010

Giraffa in ads...

I am a fan of advertising. I love the way an idea can be used, deformed, recycled etc, and in the end (usually), so brilliantly used! And an ad can be for so much more than just to make us buy the latest gadget or product... Here are some examples found on the connexx-design site..

Can you guess what this one is about? I could not! I only saw a vertical coffin ...

...until I saw the second part of the picture... Now everything is clear!


This other one is to celebrate Chimp Week at the Zoo... I wonder how they created this image... A Chimp Week Ad with no Chimp!? ^__^  Just love it!

 In 2007, the World Wildlife Fund, created thought provoking puzzles for the ‘Spot Me’ campaign, designed to show the potential for whole species of giraffes (and pandas) to disappear. I find it really clever...and moving.

Can you spot the Giraffes?

And last but not least, another poster for a Zoo in San Francisco in 2006.

 Oh, and by the way... when was the last time you went to the zoo?

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