Monday, December 6, 2010

Sophie HaGirafa says her blog-goodbye

A year ago I posted my very first post ever under the obvious title "The Beginning"... and today is the day I am posting my last post...

It is the end for this blog but not the end for the adventures of Sofi HaGirafa in Israel.

I feel that this blog has finished its cycle and has hopefully achieved its purpose, which was to present Sophie The Giraffe to you, to explain why she is simply

and why parents and babies all over the world fall  in love with her.

Remember Morgan's letter? (here) or have you read the experience of Los Angeles writer & reporter Deborah Netburn in her article..

"The second I saw her I was smitten. She stood 7 inches high with big, coal-black eyes, a blush of hot pink on each cheek and a little mouth parted to reveal a cheerful smile. I loved the rich caramel color of her spots, the jaunty bend of her front knee, the way her long, thin neck fit so perfectly in Ryu's fat little hand. The texture of her body was soft like suede, and malleable enough for my friend's 6-month-old to elicit a low, seductive squeak with just the slightest bit of pressure. I was desperate to buy her. For my son..." read on
Another must-see (if you haven't yet) is Sofi HaGirafa: the Movie! (music by Musician and Artist Wally Badarou)

I hope you found answers here to all the questions you had about Sophie La Girafe and hopefully much more!

I must confess: I had a really great time writing the blog and playing with the graphics ^__^ . It was an experience that ought not to be missed, so I am a bit sad but c'est la Vie!

Of course you are always welcome to e-mail me at , catch the Hebrew blog (click clickon Tapuz or befriend סופי הג'יראפה , read her latest news on Facebook סופי הג'יראפה (click click)

To conclude this entry, I want to wish (albeit a little early) all of you in the world a

 Beautiful and Peaceful December
as well as a
 Wonderful New Year 2011!


Thank you for all your visits and your support!
 À Bientôt!

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